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Unlock the secrets of Flamenco guitar with the guidance of world-renowned guitarist Richard Tedesco. Whether you're a novice picking up the guitar for the first time or an experienced player looking to deepen your understanding of Flamenco, Richard's lessons are tailored to suit your skill level and musical goals.

What to Expect:

  •     Personalised Instruction: Each lesson is customised to your level of expertise, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning experience. Richard's patient and inspiring teaching style empowers students to progress at their own pace.

  •     Comprehensive Curriculum: Explore the fundamentals of Flamenco, including techniques, rhythms, and traditional compositions. Richard's vast repertoire and deep knowledge of the genre provide a solid foundation for your musical journey.

  •     Musical Expression: Learn to convey the passionate and emotive qualities that define Flamenco. Richard's insights into musical expression will help you infuse your playing with authenticity and feeling.

  •     Rhythmic Mastery: Delve into the intricate rhythms that underpin Flamenco music. Develop a keen sense of timing and groove as you explore the diverse rhythmic patterns unique to this genre.

  •     Repertoire Building: Build a repertoire of Flamenco pieces that showcase your progress and creativity. Richard will guide you in selecting and mastering songs that resonate with your musical sensibilities.

  •     Two convenient formats: in-person at his studio in Brunswick, Victoria, or take lessons from anywhere in the world through virtual lessons via Zoom. Richard's online lessons are just as engaging and informative as in-person sessions, making it accessible to students worldwide.

Book a Lesson

Feel free to contact me with a time and date or any questions regarding lessons and I’ll get back to you asap. 


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Satellite Studios 

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